Personalise a Gift Hamper

How to Personalise a Stylish Gift Hamper

Buying gift hampers online can be very straight forward and as thoughtful a present as they can be, they can be a little impersonal if you don’t make the effort to add a little more character. That isn’t to say that a loved one won’t appreciate the gesture without much personal input; but just imagine the difference that a little more personality might be able to make to the event.

Fortunately, hamper makers offer a variety of options to help their customers to personalise their products in a way that suits them entirely. But what are these options and how do they work?

Gift cards

Most people will instinctively add their own personal message to a hamper, but you could always go just that little bit further and upgrade the note to an actual gift card. These can be purchased as additional items, or left until the hamper arrives on your door step ready for a personal delivery. In either event; a personal message can make a lot of difference to the impact of the hamper and so it’s well worth considering adding one.

Personalised treats

We don’t all know our loved ones’ favourite things, but there’s really no harm in asking. By getting to know what your recipient likes, you will be in a much better position to pick and choose a variety of goodies that can help to put a smile on their face. Treats like chocolates, savoury snacks and a selection of cheese will always go down well – and if you opt for a large enough hamper, you could go above and beyond by having it completely stuffed with goodies.

Unique trinkets

There are many hamper companies that offer exclusive products and accessories, and what better way to really make your present unique than by including at least one of them? Some offer icons bearing the symbols of star signs, whilst others sell items of jewellery and other similar products. These trinkets can really help to finish off the hamper, especially if you take the time to pick something that your recipient will truly adore.